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  • Happiness in life

    Amin health care industry

  • Most advanced equipment for respiratory assistance

  • The most advanced oxygen therapy equipment

  • The most advanced devices and medical devices

  • After sales service

  • Cancer Care

    About Us

    Ameen Medical Industries Inc. was founded in 1370 and has been treated with several branches in different parts of the country. ...

  • Rehabilitation Center


    The company's most advanced medical devices and instruments into the hands of the public and private medical centers, universities and research centers as well.

  • Transplant Services

    After sales service

    Working Hours: Monday to Wednesday 8:30 am to 16 pm and Saturday from 8:30 am to 5 13

  • Emergency Services

    Contact Us

    To contact us, you can call the 88836622-88839733-88831696   Please contact to view the contact form, click here.